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One more time

Posted in Uncategorized by Amy Ross on December 15, 2011

Hello there:

I haven’t written anything since the beginning of March, although it appears I’m still getting some traffic.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • I graduated! I finished the bulk of my research by the end of June, and defended my thesis in mid-August.  My thesis took about four months to write, off and on, and ended up running nearly 150 pages.  This is a bit long for a Master’s, but I did have a lot of figures.  The thesis defense went very well. I expected my committee would ask me a lot of tough questions, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I got the bound copies back last month, and gave one to my parents. Mom got to page one and asked if there was an audio version 🙂
  • I became an experienced presenter of scientific data.  I presented my research at multiple regional conferences, and actually won second place at the Midwest Biomedical Engineering Career Conference in April. I presented at my first national meeting at  the AAPS National Biotechnology Conference last May. The poster presentations were great preparation for both my thesis defense and discussing my research with potential employers for two reasons. One, I gained experience explaining my research to people who weren’t in my field. Two, I had practice thinking on my feet when questions were asked.
  • I have two publications in progress. I wrote a paper on my thesis that has been submitted to a pharmaceutical journal. The other is a previous M.S. student’s project whose paper I helped rewrite.

Now I’m looking for a job. I’ve had several interviews this fall, but no offers yet. I’ve also been doing volunteer work and doing lots of reading. A few nonfiction titles of interest:

  • Vaccinated! by Paul Offit-some history of vaccines and the development of multiple vaccines at Merck
  • The Xeno Chronicles by G. Wayne Miller-about xenotransplanation research at Harvard
  •  Every Second Counts: The Race to Transplant the First Human Heart by Donald McRae-Christiaan Barnard, who performed the first successful human heart transplant, was actually the underdog among four competing physicians.
  • Ether Day by Julie Fenster- about the discovery of ether as a surgical anesthetic.

Since I’m not actively doing research, I’d like to rebirth this blog into my take on current events in science, thoughts on reading, and adventures in job hunting! Stay tuned.


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